The Bodø Coffee Cup




The Bodø Coffee Cup is an epic, Bohemian-inspired vessel with a daring character and aesthetic appeal. At 18 ounces (530ml), it’s one of our largest mugs!

This wood-handled, kiln glazed coffee cup is an eclectic combination of druid woodwork and artisan pottery, that’s classically shaped to feel majestic in your hands. Our kiln-firing process provides a one-of-a-kind glaze, free of harmful materials, that ensures no two cups are exactly the same.


Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, we recommend hand-washing your product to increase longevity.


  • A: 6.3″ diam 3.31″ h / 16cm diam x 8.4cm h
  • B: 5.19″ diam 4.92″ h / 13cm diam x 12.5cm h
  • C: 4.53″ diam 4.18″ h / 11.5cm diam x 10.6cm h


  • A: 18.6oz / 550ml
  • B: 20.3oz / 600ml
  • C: 10.49oz / 310ml