USB Charged LED Shinny Roller Skates



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  • ❤[Fashionable design]Our LED roller skates shoes feature upgraded LED strips, Fashionable design will stand out from the crowd.Product Description
  • ❤[Upgrade skates] These skates use controllable high-top shoes to ensure the best safety, and high-quality shoelaces can provide the greatest degree of protection to ensure foot comfort and safety. The perfect fit and high degree of comfort can make you feel comfortable during use. There is a support column in the front, which is very suitable for beginners. It can better maintain control and braking. This structure can ensure
  • ❤[Classic double-row roller skating design] Our classic double-row roller skating derby skates are safer and more stable than inline roller skates. They are very suitable for beginners and men and women who want to learn roller skating easily. Buy a pair and you can enjoy roller skating..
  • ❤[Wear-resistant wheels] roller skates are equipped with sturdy four flash wheels, made of durable and molded materials, which can provide safe and reliable skating performance.
  • ❤ [Ideal gift] Colorful roller skates are the perfect gift for kids, boys, girls and friends, girlfriends or family. It is also great for indoor and outdoor skating.


  • Color: Gold, Pink, Silver
  • Upper material: Genuine Leather
  • Wheel material: PU Elastic Wheels
  • Adjustable Or Unadjustable: Unadjustable
  • Applicable to: Female, Male, Kids

Size Chart:

US Men US Women E.U. Root Length
11C 11C 28 17
12C 12C 29 18
12.5C 12.5C 30 18.5
13C 13C 31 19
1.0 2.5 32 20
1.5 3.0 33 20.5
2.5 4.0 34 21.5
3.5 5.0 35 22.5
4.0 5.5 36 23
4.5 6.0 37 23.5
5.5 7.0 38 24
6.5 8.0 39 24.5
7.0 8.5 40 25
8.0 9.5 41 26
8.5 10.0 42 26.5
9.5 11.0 43 27.5
10.0 11.5 44 28
11.0 12.5 45 29
12.0 13.5 46 30
12.5 14.0 47 30.5
13.5 15.0 48 31.5
14.5 16.0 49 32.5

【Maintenance of roller skates】

  • Frequently take out the inner cover of the shoe and wash it to prevent odor and prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • The wheels on the left and right sides are frequently changed to make the wheels of inline skates more durable.
  • Avoid sliding on rough roads, which can prolong the service life of wheels and bearings.
  • Do not replace wheels or bearings individually, as this will reduce the stability of sliding.
  • If the bearing has been used for a long time and it is not smooth when sliding, you can remove the bearing and soak it in the “degreasing oil” for about half an hour to clean off the impurities in the bearing, and then spray it with engine oil or bearing oil. This can extend the life of the bearing.
  • When the product is not in use, it should be stored in a dry place without direct sunlight. This has a certain effect on the rust of the accessories and the aging of the product.


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