The Dark and Bizarre Art – Creepy Witch Sculptures(Halloween Decoration)



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These bizarre creatures are keepers of primeval wisdom. They are also keepers of secrets, both secrets that are theirs alone and confidences whispered to them by strangers.

They inhabit spaces most humans don’t even notice. They dwell in the shadows of shadows, within the reflections of pools and puddles, or cloaked by the patterns in tree bark or sunlight filtered through leaves.

At a glance, one might find their faces quite similar to each other. Their features share a sage world-weariness or melancholy, but it’s important to examine every face carefully, because each actually has a very unique expression.

Some are sorrowful or worried, while others wear less guarded expressions and appear inquisitive, amused, or even impish.

These creatures often have simple bodies which tend to be rudimentary and small. They have delicate elfin hands with which to gracefully gesture or tenderly wield a precious object.

Theirs is an arcane, earthy language that’s spoken softly and without hurry. For them, body language and the silences between words convey as much as words themselves.

Size: 16 x 8.5 x 7cm
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Because each sculpture is handmade, they are all different and may look a little different from the ones in the photos.

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