Spring Earpick Set



TIME TO CLEAN YOUR EARS? Here’s the best earwax removing tool kit that won’t damage your ears, Innovative Spring EarWax Cleaner Tool!


  • Say goodbye to cotton swabs. According to experts, Cotton swabs or Q-tip aren’t safe because they can puncture your eardrum and do other damage. This kit is a good alternative to cotton swabs as these tools can remove and scoop buildup earwax effectively.

  • Effective tools. The tool with a scoop end can spoon out earwax or ear debris. The scoop is small enough for even the smallest ear canals. The fin end is perfect for safely scratching that irritating ear itch while exfoliating the skin cells of the outer ear canal. The circular and spiral double-head design earpick can help you massage the ear canal and relieve itching.

  • Cleans faster and easier. These tools clean ears faster than liquid solutions, without the mess and fuss. Each of these earwax cleaner tools is an ear management tool. Each Ear Cleaner has an important role that helps remove wax and debris, helps provide relief from ear itching.

  • Built to last. Made from stainless steel, durable and anti-rust, easy to clean and sterilize. They’re extra durable in use and not easy to distort. Safe for you or your family to use.
  • Ergonomically designed. Every ear pick is fully polished with a smooth and rounded surface in case to prevent any irritation or scratching and make sure you can massage the ear canal while cleaning. The handles of the ear pick tools are designed for a non-slip grip.
  • Easy to use and clean. Rinse the ear pick off thoroughly with soap and water before and after use. And then sterilize them with rubbing alcohol and you can use the cleaning brush to clean the debris before and after use.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • 6 earcleaning tools