Silicone Stove Gap Cover (2PCS)



Love cooking but hate cleaning? Is kitchen hygiene is important to you?

The most annoying part to clean in the kitchen is probably the gaps between the stove and the other countertops. Crumbs, food pieces or other small particles always fall in the kitchen gaps. Unless cleaned it attracts insects, mice, and other pests and on top of that, it makes unpleasant smells. That makes cleaning those gaps even more difficult. The Silicone Stove Gap Cover is the solution you need!

Easily installed, no tools needed. Lay it on any gap and simply cut it with a pair of scissors to the length you need. Can be used to cover up any kind of gaps, whether it was between stovetops, furniture, appliances or sink. Designed to withstand temperatures from up to 446°F(230°C).

  • Simply set it between the tables or cupboards, no more tools needed
  • High-quality silicone, food grade material
  • Does not slip, warp, scratch or melt
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Effectively prevents sauces or juices spill out into the cracks between the tables
  • Elegant and tasteful solution to gaps between different kitchen elements

Package includes:
2 x Silicone Stove Gap Cover

Size: 53.5 x 5.5 cm