Premium Flat Book Panel Reading Night Light



Traditional reading lamps are outdated; they’re difficult to carry around, the amount of light produced is harsh on the eyes, and they’re simply just not efficient.

Introducing the NightReader

Did you know that reading in the dark can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and eye fatigue?
9/10 Optometrists recommend avoiding reading in the dark as it can cause short and long term damage to the eyes
The last book lamp you'll ever need
The Reading Lamp produces the optimal amount of lighting that only lights up your pages instead of the entire room, and in return, it has less strain on the eyes.
2 in 1 book lamp
The two-in-one premium reading lamp and bookmark favored by bookworms all over the world. Its flat panel design also lets it act as a convenient bookmark,making it easier to carry around when compared to a traditional reading lamp.