Handcrafted Barn Wood Creche For Nativity Set.After receiving feedback from friends, this is the best gift they have received, and they need to send a few more sets to their friends as wedding gifts or New Year gifts. (Snapped up for a limited time)

Creche for Nativity while simple in architectural detail, it has meaning built into its very design. The piece has a regal, stately appearance, yet is constructed from humble materials of barn wood and nails. The structure’s proportions also suggest the size and shape of the cross, while its rusty nails foretell the crucifixion. The Creche intimately shelters the Holy Family, then opens wide to welcome shepherds and travelers from afar. We continue to create sculptures that speak in quiet and meaningful ways of healing and hope, love, and family. We capture moments in time and turn them into lifelong memories.

It’s such a beautiful set! We designed this nativity set to provide an enduring classic portrayal of Jesus’s birth. This 6 piece Nativity set is as loved today as when it was originally introduced in 2000. Its simplicity and form have made it a timeless classic. As a Christmas gift, wedding gift, or something for your own home, the Nativity continues as a family tradition. The set includes Joseph, Mary (holding the baby Jesus), a young girl (angel) holding a sheep, (2) additional sheep, and a donkey.

Height 3-20cm (including 🐏)

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