Artists’ Handmade Waldorf doll



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👼Dolls vary in the form best suited to the stage of development of the child
🎁A Waldorf doll (also called Steiner doll) is a from of doll used in Waldorf education. This doll is a perfect gift for a little girl. It will looks wonderful in a child’s room!
👧That is a textile doll specially created to teach your child for a gentle and kind relationship. Playing with such a doll, your child will develop the correct perception of the world, he will learn how to be attentive to himself and to others. Also it will be solved the problem of occupation, because your son or your child will play with the right, high quality toys.

Typically, hair on a doll is made of pure wool such as mohair or boucle, ply wool or cotton.
Facial feature details on a  doll vary with the maker and are generally simple stitches, sometimes painted, but are always a simple suggestion and ideally neutral, so the child can imagine the personality and mood of the doll and whether the doll is awake or asleep.

Some dolls have small suggestions of noses. Skin, eye and mouth colors vary with each doll, ideally to reflect the colouring of the child for a first doll.


  • De witte engel jersey, Cotton yarn, Cotton, boucle yarn Adele, mouslin, cotton jersey


  • Height: 10 inches 10 Inches

  • a Waldorf doll (Animals and other accessories are not included)


  • Random haired waldorf doll 10 inch with big ONE clothes 10 inch with big ONE clothes
  • Hair – Hand-colored Adele’s boucle mohair yarn. Hair is securely fixed you can make different hairstyles.
  • Soft and cuddle doll is made in waldorf style with 100% organic cotton (De witte engel) and stuffed very firmly with natural fiber – clean organic wool Wollknoll.
  • It is not an ordinary rag doll. You can customize your doll’s hair, eyes, skin color, and clothes. It would be a great playing friend to its owner.