Fairy with a lantern- Garden solar light stakes- Home decor,Elf with a flashlight- Figure for the garden Lamp



This is an unusual sculpture that can make your garden full of mystery.

Full of power and beauty!

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Product Size:15.5*15*24.5CM

The garden sculpture “Elf with Lantern” is an unusual street lamp.

This is an unusual sculpture made of galvanized metal wire that can decorate the garden and add extra light. Its unusual features will attract people’s attention.

Statues can be transported very accurately with the help of metal wire modeling, which requires the author’s imagination very much.

For example, a flying horse fixed to a cut in a tree.

The most difficult thing is to fix the character on the tree stump to create the feeling of flying.

The wire sculpture is a decorative element in the landscape design of parks, gardens and summer houses. You can use small sculptures to decorate the house.
When installed inside a restaurant or hotel, it will definitely become a place for taking pictures or selfies.

It is best to install it at a higher position, but you can also install it at eye level, depending on your site or interior.

No need for any care.