Clip-N-Slip | Easy Lazy Shoe Horn



“Love it! These shoehorns make putting on my shoes so much easier.  have a bad hip, making bending over hard. And an added bonus … they protect the backs of the shoes from bending and cracking.”
 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  – Lidya
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No More Jam Your Finger!

Or.. crush the heel of your shoe 🙁
Yeah… sometimes wearing shoes can be a challenge, pregnant moms, seniors, someone with mobility issues, or perhaps caused by the shoe material itself.
That’s why we create Clip-N-Slip, a shoehorn that clips onto your shoe, allows you to slip your foot in with ease.
Clip-N-Slip is a solution for anyone with flexibility issues getting shoes on because these can be used completely one-handed. Simply clip it on the shoe, put it down, and slip your foot in.
  • WORKS WITH  99% OF YOUR SHOES: Use Clip-N-Sip for all of your family’s shoe collections; sneakers, brogues, slip-ons, dress shoes, and all. 
  • PRESERVE YOUR SHOE: Using Clip-N-Slip prevents you from pulling the back of your shoe and preserves the fit and shape of your shoe collection.

Other Details

  • Available in 4 colors of your choice: Red, Blue, Grey, White
  • Come in 1 Set of 2 Pieces

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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