Beauty Bar



Instant skin rejuvenation!

We all know that our skin need relaxation and deep care after a day’s activity,
the high frequency vibration can quickly relax facial muscles and get rid of skin fatigue.

Remove dark circles, eye bags, delay aging, promote blood circulation, contour facial muscles.



  • The beauty bar that is plated in 24k gold & emits 6000 micro-vibrations per minute.
  • It adapts to any skin conditions, you could use the beauty bar to give your face a quick lymphatic drainage massage.
  • The gold ions & the micro-vibrations stimulate facial muscles & in turn, tightens, lifts & contours the skin.
  • Easy to use, wash your face and apply serum or essence, use the bar when your serum still damp.
  • It can also helps reduce that morning facial puffiness and define your jaw & cheekbones, remove eye bag.

Package List:

1 * Beauty Bar

1 * User Manual