5 in 1 Airwrap Hair Styler



Reduce Static Frizz & Minimize Curling Damage Instantly With Airwrap Hair Styler!

Instantly transform your hair into silky, soft defined curls without the hassle through using the 5 in 1 Airwrap Hair Styler!

Now, you can experience professional-grade curling in the comfort of your own home!

Create Loose Curls Or Waves!

The 5-In-1 Airflow Curling Handset uses anti-static bristles and cooling volume. This, in turn, helps to reduce frizziness, resulting in soft and shinier hair.

Featuring a removable blow head, which can be replaced: Hair Curler Iron, Hair Dryer Comb, Hair Brush, Hot Comb, Holder.

Innovative Technology

  • Airflow Technology – Differentiating from regular curling irons, through use of powerful V9 Air Motors preventing frizz.
  • Suitable For All Hair Types  Varying temperature modes allow the 5-In-1 Airflow Curler to be suited for a variety of hair textures, lengths, and styles.
  • Sensor Heat Control – 3 heat settings, so you are able to achieve the perfect temperature, even if your hair is fine, brittle, or colored.
  • Versatile & Natural – Airflow Technology assures minimal damage to the hair cuticle whilst reducing static frizz.
  • Easy To Use – Experience ease of use through using The 5-In-1 Airflow Curling Device, restore the status of natural health

How to Use Hair Styling Tool:

  • 1. Hold a handful of slightly wet or non-ripping water hair & move our 5 in 1 Hair Styling Tool vertically all over you.
  • 2. Your hair gets styled with the flow of air. Move the device towards your hair root & hold for 8-10 seconds to get the desired wave.
  • 3. Switch on cold air mode & keep it on for 5 seconds to get the final look.

Package Included:

  • 2* Hair barrels
  • 1* Pre-styling dryer
  • 1* Smoothly brush
  • 1* Round volumizing brush
  • 1* English manual