120,000 Lumens Powerful Flashlight, Outdoor Waterproof Flashlight, High Lumens Turn on Flashlight




This is a compact flood flashlight, with a maximum brightness of 120,000 Lumens.

Is a rechargeable LED flashlight with an intelligent design that focused on maximum brightness and runtime that can be applied to all kinds of environments With American CREE XHP70, 2nd generation LED makes it capable of a max output of up to 120,000 Lumens.

What can this flashlight do Whatever you ask it to!
  1. High output with compact size; with a ridiculous output of up to 120,000 lumens, there’s nothing this flashlight won’t illuminate
  2. Five output levels + Strobe, no matter the terrain, no matter the environment, this flashlight will respond to just about any way you’d like it to.
  3. Instant Turbo mode, by double press the pressure switch any time; light up the dark with the Instant Turbo mode! Immediately reaching max output on the flashlight will make sure that you always have what you need at the touch of a button.
  4. Rechargeable battery pack, including rechargeable26650batteries; Our Imalent batteries are like our flashlights, some of the best in the business. We like to know our customers are safe and so always include our Imalent batteries with our flashlights, the best deserves the best! With telescopic zoom in/zoom out lens!



  • UsingCREE XHP70 2nd generation LEDs, with a lifespan of up to 50000 hours and a maximum output of 120,000 lumens.
    • High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness
    • Anti-reverse battery protection
    • The built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output, keep using comfortably.
    • Combination of toughened ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coating glass
    • Aluminum OP reflector
    • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment
    • IPX-8 standard waterproof (2 meters submersible)
    • 1.5m impact resistant
    • Tail stand function
    • *Disclaimer Lumens strength is tested in an isolated environment strength may vary depending on the environment. Lumens are set by the manufacturer.


Life-Graded Waterproof     

can be used in rainy weather, but can not put it into water

Life-Graded Waterproof     

can be used in rainy weather, but can not put it into water

City Wall Attack Head 


Available in self-defense, do not hurt others


product material 

T6063-T6 aviation aluminum

Flash Light Body Analysis

Six-section thermal design on the head

Non-slip body 

Tail cover reinforcement makes full use of battery power without waste

Multifunctional rope

This product comes with a 120CM multifunctional rope

Real exposure effect display